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Shepherd's Fold

One of our larger buildings, the Shepherd's Fold houses four private rooms, 2 dormitories, and provides a sizable meeting room! This is a good choice for groups and family reunions looking for more "self-contained" accommodations. The private rooms work well for individuals or couples. It has an expansive open space, which is perfect for meetings, gatherings and reunions; plus lodging. 

His Cabin

His Cabin is our lodge in the woods. Located "down the hill" from the Lodge in a very private and quiet location. His Cabin is often used by families and small groups. There are four private rooms that can accommodate a total of 16 people. It has a central meeting space that houses a kitchenette with a wonderful wood burning fireplace. Each bedroom has a private bath. This is the perfect space for family reunions and more.

Love & Joy

Love and Joy is two private rooms with exclusive bathrooms. Within walking distance of the Lodge, these rooms boasts a gorgeous view overlooking the valley and provides glimpses of the Tuttle Creek Lake.

Please call for rates. (785)468-3594

Sleep soundly and wake

up refreshed.

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